Haberler | Returning back to school coloring with Play-Doh Stationery!

Returning back to school coloring with Play-Doh Stationery!

Returning back to school coloring with Play-Doh Stationery!

11 Ağustos 2016, Perşembe

With Play-Doh Kırtasiye, returning back to school is more colorful

Play-Doh Kırtasiye products which produced and offered for sale by Ceren Kırtasiye, make it more colourful and entertaining returning back to school  with vibrant and intensive color for school-age children. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the products do not leave stains on the hand and clothes, they are odorless, they can no longer be erased with the eraser and most importantly they do not contain any harmful substances to their health, increase attention's efficiency to products. All products, produced with Play-Doh and Ceren Stationery guarantee, have a healthy product certificate that above the European standards.

Vivid and intense colors with Gel and Triangle Crayons

The gel crayons allows the child easy grip and comfortable coloring thanks to its wide bodied. With the twister swivel feature, it can easily open and close without having to use a sharpener. As for that the triangular crayon which allows ergonomic grip with its comfortable and soft usage, offering children to work in the silhouette  while coloring the picture activities. Due to the fact that the wax dyes do not leave deposit in the applied floor and have the ability to be   erasable, painting is becoming more enjoyable for children. Thanks to its non-staining in hand and clothes, parents are also relieved.

Felt Pens available in Play-Doh Kırtasiye

With its intensive and vivid color option, ultra durable tip, washable ink, even if the lid is left open, non-drying features,  as well as different color options, Play-Doh felt pens maintain to be an indispensable part of children coloring fun during school days.

Full note from teachers and students give Play–Doh Kırtasiye the thumbs up

Ceren Kırtasiye; which values human and human health, embraces quality as a philosophy of life, showing a steady growth with the experience of being a well-established company, and the cooperation it has created and the commitment to change, with workshops and activities that  carried out for children and teachers in schools, Play-Doh received a full marks from teachers and students who tried stationery products. Ceren Stationery officials explained that "We will continue to offer hygienic and healthy products that the mother, father and children can safely use to the taste of consumers."