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About Us

Play–Doh Kırtasiye vibrant and intensive color which produced and offered for sale by Ceren Kırtasiye, makes life more colorful and enjoyable for children with a broad range of 200 product types.

All products, produced with Play-Doh and Ceren Stationery guarantee, have a healthy product certificate that above the European standards.

As none of the Play–Doh Kırtasiye products will stain on hand and clothes, most importantly, it contains no harmful substances to health. Play–Doh Kırtasiye products offer children and families do fun activities together.

Play–Doh Kırtasiye products; have range of different and healthy product choice from lead pencil to dry paint, from pastel to crayon, from wash colouring book to drawing book, from canvas set to play dough.